Reprise (Deluxe CD)





“With the new tools and collaborators at his disposal, Moby works to create intriguing versions of his songs.”   Magnetic Magazine

“有相當的可聽性”   樂評人袁智聰


歌曲名稱 歌手
1. Everloving Moby play
2. Natural Blues Moby [Feat. Gregory Porter/ Amythyst Kiah] play
3. Go Moby play
4. Porcelain Moby [Feat. Jim James] play
5. Extreme Ways Moby play
6. Heroes Moby [Feat. Mindy Jones] play
7. God Moving Over The Face Of Waters Moby [Feat. Víkingur Ólafsson] play
8. Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? Moby [Feat. Dietrick Haddon/ Apollo Jane] play
9. The Lonely Night Moby [Feat. Kris Kristofferson/ Mark Lanegan] play
10. We Are All Made Of Stars Moby play
11. Lift Me Up Moby play
12. The Great Escape Moby [Feat. Nataly Dawn/ Alice Skye/ Luna Li] play
13. Almost Home Moby [Feat. Novo Amor/ Mindy Jones/ Darlingside] play
14. The Last Day Moby [Feat. Skylar Grey/ Darlingside] play
Reprise (Deluxe CD)
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